Speculative Models for the Present



P[02]Radical Swissness


Genève [Switzerland]




Tarramo Broennimann,
Adrien Besson
Tomas Clavijo
Olivier Fleith
Guilherme Sepulveda


Architectural project


Team Leader


Architectural Framework


Team Set-up
Stakeholder coordination


Typology development
Artistic direction

My achievements as a project architect at the firm group8 earned me the trust to become a team leader within the company.

In this role, and over the course of two years, I led teams of architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, visual artists and other external stakeholders in the development of a diverse array of architectural competitions within the Swiss context.

Responsibilities included managing budget, team set-up, planning, stakeholder coordination; and leading research, strategy, typology development and artistic direction.

As a fruit of the shared efforts of our team during that period, group8 received several awards and mandates entering a period of expansion after resizing the company.

C[01]The Task Committed

Define and perfection a framework and methodology for the development of winning architectural competitions within the Swiss context.

Reinterpreted as domesticating the creative willpower of multidisciplinar international teams to fit the Swiss vernacular.
Or mediterranean architect directs transoceanic teams on the execution of architectural competitions for the Swiss gaze.

C[02]Establishing Principles

[01]Pure Shapes

... because we want to be identifiable.


... because energetic efficiency comes first.

[03]Regular Grids with a Twist

... because Le Corbusier was born here but modernism can get boring.

[04] Conservative Material Combinations

... including concrete, wood and glass; because Swiss buildings do not sound like British ones.

[05]Simple Diagrammatic Style

... because If it can’t be explained in 5 steps ...

[06] Integrated Vegetation

.... as in the Amazonian jungle.

[07] Lively Neighbourhoods

... as in opposition to the streets of Geneva.

[08] Soft Colours & Overexposed Skies

... because everybody likes a bit of drama, and here, light is precious and scarce.

C[03]Output / Projects

C[04]Culture as a Matter of Concern

Ideologically charged decisions to please specific a subjectivity.
A repetition of patterns that reinforced the status quo.
Aesthetics as a political act.

Adapting my teams’ design capabilities to a specific context as an outsider demanded and extra level of abstraction that led me to understand design and management as acts of cultural translation while raising the question that would led my practice ever since:

Who designs culture on the first place?